Free Sponsoring

Free sponsoring! 

With SponsorKliks, you can now contribute financially to Atmos yourself, without any additional cost to you!

For instance, when you order a pizza online via Thuisbezorgd, Atmos will receive funds directly. Major retailers such as, Coolblue,, and Expedia are also part of this initiative. A portion of your purchase amount will be directed to Atmos, all without any extra charges to you!Would you like to sponsor Atmos for FREE as well? Simply ensure that you do your online shopping through Atmos' SponsorKliks page going forward. It's a small action for you, but it translates to direct income for Atmos.

How does it work?

It's quite straightforward. Webshops offer a commission for every order made through SponsorKliks then transfers 75% of this commission directly into Atmos' bank account. Whether you navigate directly to a website like or via, the price remains the same. However, in the latter case, pays SponsorKliks a commission, and Atmos directly benefits from this arrangement!

Note: no commission on books
In the Netherlands, a fixed book price is established by law, therefore NO commission can be given on books.

You remain anonymous

Neither SponsorKliks nor Study Association Atmos knows who has ordered something. SponsorKliks only knows at which online store something has been ordered, for what amount, and that the commission is intended for Study Association Atmos. They know this because you have gone to the respective online store via SponsorKliks.

So order through this link or via the banner below!