Repowered is a purpose driven organization based in Groningen, focusing on the missing link of the future energy system: Energy Flexibility. The company was founded in 2019, by Dirk-Jan Masselink (EES-alumnus) and Jeroen van den Berg, with the mission to bring renewable energy: At the right placeat the right timefor the right price.

With years of experience in the energy sector, both in energy trading and network management, we have a clear vision of the role and opportunities of flexibility in the energy system. We have a young, dynamic team that consists of data-scientists, consultants, project managers and business developers, working closely together to unlock the flexibility potential for our clients. We have a highly diverse clientele, varying from governmental bodies (e.g. the province of Groningen) to market parties (e.g. Solarfields). We have three main activities: Consultancy, Project development and Flex service provider.

Consultancy & Project development

The Repowered consultancy team uses a pragmatic approach to address complex energy-related problems. With extensive energy analyzation tools and optimization models developed by our own data-scientists, we can provide data-driven solutions for our clients. The three main topics we work on are: smart energy hub concepts, hydrogen production concepts and battery deployment. Our activities vary from techno-economic feasibility studies, to project- and business case management in project development.

Flex Service Provider

Besides consultancy & project development, Repowered focusses on fulfilling a new role in the energy system: the Flex Service Provider (FSP). The FSP-role entails optimizing, controlling and commercializing flexible assets. This means we use our knowledge and expertise in the energy markets to manage and monetize flexible energy resources such as battery storage, renewable energy generation plants and electrolysers to ensure that they are used in the most efficient and effective way possible. We act on different flexibility markets, and determine the suitable operational strategy for the asset-owners.

Career and thesis opportunities

Are you interested in the topic of energy flexibility? Do you want to work in a young dynamic team? Repowered is looking for you! We are always open to new talented people and have several thesis spots for EES-students every year. Please contact us to discuss further career or thesis opportunities via: