Board Applications

Apply for the third board of Atmos!

Do you want to bring Atmos to a higher level? Do you want to boost your CV? Join the board! As a board member you'll run the day-to-day business of the association and you'll make sure everything runs smoothly. Below you can find more information about the application procedure and what you can expect while doing a board year. You can apply by sending your motivation letter and CV to If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Each board member is available for a meeting if you want to know more about a specific function or about doing a board year in general.

More information

After sending your motivation letter and CV, we’ll invite you for an interview to discuss the function(s) you’re interested in and your thoughts and expectations about doing a board year, as well as your goals for Atmos. Are you not sure which functions there are in the board? Below more information is provided on each function. As you can see there are quite a lot of functions and some will/can be combined.

Before you’ll be a member of the third board of Atmos, you’ll first be a member of the candidate board. As candidate board you’ll work on a new policy plan and budget plan for the year 2020/2021 and you’ll learn everything about your new function as board member. In September you’ll be ready to go and be installed as the third board at the GMM. Between May and September you’ll have meetings with your fellow candidate-board members and your predecessor. You’ll have plenty of time to work on a policy plan and decide what the new goals for Atmos will be in 2020/2021. When the September GMM comes closer you’ll attend the board meetings to learn all about the current situation of Atmos. We’ll make sure you can have a good start of your board year!

Function description

Below the different functions within an Atmos board are explained. Do you want to know more about a specific function or want to know which ones are still available? Contact a (candidate) board member for more information!



The Chairman is the representative of the association within the FSE. You’ll keep close contact with the EES edu-team (program director, program coordinator, and secretary of the program) during regular meetings. You’ll be the contact person for the University Council and you’ll attend Study Association Meetings, in which the chairs of all FSE associations come together. Within Atmos you’re responsible for leading the board meetings and providing an agenda for these meetings. You’ll make sure the policy plan is conducted and the goals you’ve set in the beginning of the year are reached.


The Secretary is responsible for the members administration and makes the minutes of each board meeting and the General Member’s Meetings. You’ll write the newsletter, and you’ll manage incoming mail and the agenda of the board. You’ll also be responsible for the physical/digital archive of Atmos and write the secretarial annual report.


As Treasurer you’ll be responsible for the finances of the association. Before the start of you board year you’ll make the budget plan and throughout the year you’ll make sure money is collected from members by direct debit, you’ll apply for subsidies at the FSE and you’ll keep an overview of the money in- and outflow.

Commissioner of Internal Affairs

The Commissioner of Internal Affairs is responsible for the committees (currently: Social Committee, Introduction Committee and Student Energy Committee). You’ll make sure each committee has members and make the year planning of Atmos. You’ll be the contact person of the board for committees and you’ll make sure all activities are organized according to the planning. Besides that you’re responsible for internal promotion of activities via social media.

Commissioner of External Affairs

The Commissioner of External Affairs is responsible for acquisition and all external contacts of Atmos. You’ll organize career-related activities such as excursions and career days. You’ll look for companies that might be interesting for Atmos members and make sure Atmos has enough sponsorships and partnerships. Besides that, you’ll promote Atmos to all students of the UG who are interested in the field of energy, environment and sustainability and you’ll manage social media focused on external communication of Atmos.

The following functions will be combined with one of the above:

Commissioner of Educational Affairs

The Commissioner of Educational Affairs is responsible for educational support for students of the EES master. You’ll organize exam trainings and keep close contact with the Program Committee. You’ll attend the meetings with the EES edu-team together with the Chairman.

Sustainability Commissioner

As Sustainability Commissioner you’ll make sure all decisions at Atmos are made while taking sustainability into account. You’ll be responsible for maintaining our Sustainability Policy and you’ll apply for the Green Office Sustainability Label, which is awarded each year to associations of the RUG. You’ll look for more ways to act sustainably, but also to create awareness and taking action as association.