Atmos Board 2019-2020

Anouk Goossens Chairman & Internal Affairs
Michael Susan Vice-Chairman
Allan Thomas Secretary & Head of PR
Sander Leuning Treasurer & Educational Affairs
Dennis Sjoers Commissioner of External Affairs

Curious to know a bit more about our board?? Our chairman and internal affairs is Anouk from the Westland which is famous for its greenhouses. She plays volleyball and is a pro-ice-skater!! Our vice-chair, Michael is a truly Global person. This half Dutch, half Swedish man also happens to be the 1st chairman of Atmos! Addition or subtraction, he'll do the transaction, it's our treasurer, Sander. He's also in charge of our educational affairs. He started out studying physics after a serious admiration for extreme weather. Now interdisciplinary studies have leaned him towards sustainable physics!! Lastly, our external affairs, Dennis likes to eat spicy Korean delicacies. He also loves to climb mountains and go hiking! 

Our amazing board now has a board space on the 2nd floor of the Energy Academy. With that in mind, we would like to hear more from you, get your ideas, and help you guys as much as possible. Would you like to know about our partnerships, upcoming events, social and career activities? We would be glad to discuss this with you!! So feel free to drop in during our open hours on Mondays from 15-17 and on Thursdays from 10-12. (P. S. You can also drop in for a random chat with a free freshly brewed coffee or tea!!)

Board 2019/2020