Sustainable activities

Mending workshop 13-03-2024

On the 13th of March we got together and fixed our clothes. Lots of socks, pants, blouses and other garments were fixed that day. With some snacks and music, we had a great time. 


Green Friday with MeerBomenNu 24-11-2023 

We celebrated Green Friday with MeerBomenNu in the stadspark. It was a bit rainy but that did not impact the fun we had. We harvested many trees and bushes. Afterwards we enjoyed a lovely homemade vegan apple pastry and some vegan hot chocolate. 


The big sustainablity pubquiz 19-10-2023 

On October 19th, the BIQ Sustainability Pubquiz was organized by the career committee at the Kroeg van Klaas. The topics covered food, clothing, travel, electrical appliances, and, of course, the favorite of the evening: the mystery round. After the pubquiz, participants enjoyed drinks and engaged in discussions about the thought-provoking questions. 🌟🍻


Schiermonnikoog camp 12/13/14-05-2023

In the middle of May we went to Schiermonnikoog. The weather was great and it was a very relaxing trip, but we also worked hard to clean the beach of any plastic we found. That was mostly ropes from fishing. We watched the Eurovision Song Contest together and even though we did not all agree that Sweden was the best, we did have a great night and the party lasted until well in the morning.. The last day we spend cleaning the house and sitting in the sun while enjoying the leftover banana pancakes. Thanks to all the lovely members that went to the camp, it was an amazing weekend!


Sustainable Movie Night + Discussion 10-02-2023

We watched the documentary Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story. Afterwards we talked about our own behaviour and ways to prevent food waste. 

sustainable movie night.jpeg

Tree harvesting with MeerBomenNu 10-11-2022

On the 10th of November, we went tree harvesting in the Stadspark with volunteers from MeerBomenNu. Tree harvesting might not sound sustainable to you, but the unwanted harvested trees can now be replanted somewhere where they are wanted  instead of being cut down by the municipality. The weather was great and we were able to get a lot done in only one morning. We enjoyed a nice lunch, petted some very cute goats, and afterwards harvested a lot of raspberry bushes before going home again. Think this sounds great? Become a volunteer here.