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Our mission is to provide students with an interest in energy, the environment and sustainability a platform in which they can develop themselves professionally, learn more about their field of interest, and broaden their professional network. We aim to do this in a fun, but professional way!


LaTeX workshop
  • Educational
  • Zernike Campus, NB 5113.0201


The road to a Nature Sustainability publication

  • Education

Wondering how to go about your thesis? Or still orienting on what supervisor and what general topic to pick? That is how we all started. Here...

In the Spotlight: Naveen's first research project

  • Education

I still remember the day when I started my project. I was excited that I am intended to research about current international hydrogen supply...

Student Energy blog: 50 years of inaction

  • Energy & Environment

A look at the past 50 years tackling climate change and a speculative chat about the future. Wednesday 22nd April 2020 marked the 50th...

What is your background? I started studying Astronomy at the Rug in 2015. I have always been fascinated by the sky, stars and planets so this...

Every newsletter we ask a fellow second-year EES student about their research project. In particular, we’re curious about what they’re...