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Our mission is to provide students with an interest in energy, the environment and sustainability a platform in which they can develop themselves professionally, learn more about their field of interest, and broaden their professional network. We aim to do this in a fun, but professional way!


Enerbeers 3.0
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Climate Change: Lessons to learn from the corona crisis

  • Environment

Can we learn anything from how we tackle the corona crisis and apply those lessons in tackling climate change? On May 6th, Frank Pierie gave...

How to live a Zero Waste Lifestyle in Groningen

  • Environment

What is a Zero Waste Lifestyle? A zero waste lifestyle is where you live your life producing little to no waste. This movement has been...

Covid-19: Environmental Hero or Hinderer?

  • Environment

The need for drastic change to protect our environment and tackle the climate crisis has become a particularly hot-topic in the last few...

In The Spotlight: Ana's Honours Project (Honours Master: Leadership, Making the Difference!)

  • Education

I started the EES master in September 2018 and at the same time I applied to the Honours Master 'Leadership: making the difference!', for...

In The Spotlight: Zhizao's Intership at PBL

  • Education

To finish my EES master, I did one internship at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) between the 1st of September and 31th...