Previous Boards

Atmos Board 2019-2020

Anouk Goossens Chairman & Internal Affairs
Sander Leuning Treasurer & Educational Affairs
Dennis Sjoers Commissioner of External Affairs
Michael Susan Vice-Chairman
Allan Thomas Secretary & Head of PR
Board 19/20

Atmos Board 2018-2019

Ana Clara Cassanti Internal affairs
Anouk Goossens Secretary
Micha Klaarenbeek External affairs
Sumiran Rastogi External affairs
Michael Susan Chairman
Arjan Zuidema Treasurer

​Dear members of Atmos, ever wondered how the association came about? Who are the people behind it? That would be us! This our first board ever and we also happen to be the founding members. Spearheading the whole initiative is the caption of our ship (aka chairman) Michael, a truly global citizen (born in Uruguay, lived in Kenya and for more information you can find him hanging around in the Energy Academy). Keeping track of all our wealth is our treasurer, Arjan. He is meticulous and can tell you a lot about Friesland. Recording our each and every activity is our board secretary Anouk, who also happens to be brilliant at ice-skating. Getting our internal affairs in order, and often found enthusiastically talking about anything and everything is our next board member Ana. She takes her football and brigadeiros very seriously. Setting up our potential dates with sponsors is our next board member Micha who handles our external affairs, and he is VERY GOOD at it. Lastly. the person responsible to make us likeable and famous is our PR head Sumiran. Contact her for a lame joke, spicy Indian food and total pop-culture nerding out.