In the Spotlight: Naveen's first research project

I still remember the day when I started my project. I was excited that I am intended to research about current international hydrogen supply chains of Japan. I promised myself that this research must be performed to high standards. Thus, I tried to make my project as realistic as possible by including actual data. That was a challenge since I couldn’t find realistic data in few instances. Also, I had to translate few Japanese documents to English to understand the context. This is where I realized the significance of having a guide who is an expert in this field. Dr. Rene Benders was helpful throughout the course of the project and gave me his valuable inputs during hiccups. We had weekly meetings which I think is necessary to keep a track of the proceedings and simultaneously reduces the risk of being lost during the project. Apart from my thesis project, I was also involved in Honour's project. Simultaneously, working on two projects was challenging but I tried to figure out the right balance between the two projects. It was a nice changeover for me since concentrating on a single issue can be frustrating at times.  

Also, I will not forget the days where I sat in my room being lonely. It was a hard time for me since sometimes made me feel crazy staring at my laptop all the time. I felt hard to concentrate for long periods of time which also reduced my productivity levels. Thus, at times I didn’t hesitate to utilize the study space in Energy academy and LB. Moreover, I engaged myself in a part-time job in the university which proved to be refreshing. So, I performed as many activities as possible to fight myself out of the so-called ‘corona times’. During my last phase (in December) I traveled back to my hometown that boosted my mental strength to complete the project on time without any delays. Finally, I won't take away any credit from my friends with whom I had long chats about the project involving healthy discussions and hanged out with them whenever possible, and they were a real stressbuster.  

To conclude, I would like to thank all my friends, family, and my guide who stood alongside me being my pillars to build a successful project.

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