Student Energy Symposium

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Student Energy
Student Energy Committee 2022/2023
Date and time
Apr 17, 2023 13:00 - 17:00
Energy Academy Room 0029

Student Energy Symposium

This year, the theme of the symposium is "Impacts of Global Events on Energy and Energy Transition". 🌍 Join us for a variety of talks from speakers from various professional backgrounds, networking and drinks. đŸŒ±

Available for Live Stream on Youtube.

[13:00-13:30] Registration.

[13:35] Opening Statement by the Groningen Student Energy Chair: Tvarita Shivakumar.

[13:50-14:30] Speaker 1: Prof. Nasser Kalantar-Nayestanaki. Scientific Director of ESRIG group and Professor of nuclear physics and nuclear energy.

  • Topic: The potential risks of nuclear energy put in perspective and government policies. 
  • Description: In the discussion on energy and energy transition, nuclear energy is always mentioned as one of the sources needed to achieve the goals of various climate agreements. After the first major nuclear accident in Chernobyl, there was a strong opposition to this source of energy and the accident in Fukushima brought the discussion again to the forefront. This, along with the discussion of nuclear waste, have made it more challenging to create the necessary social acceptance in some countries.

[14:50-15:30] Speaker 2Mr. Till Eichler: As part of E3G, an independent climate change think tank with a global outlook, Till’s work focuses on untangling the implication of political developments at the EU and national level to identify opportunities to push for more ambitious and robust climate policies. 

  • Topic: Political choices in the fossil energy crisis: Implications for Europe’s path to net zero
  • Description: As a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, EU states collectively decided to cut energy imports from Russia as soon as possible. This kicked off a balancing act of competing interests that shape the EU energy security and energy transition for the years to come. The talk will convey some learnings on how crises serve as opportunities to change existing policy.

[15:40-16:20] Speaker 3: Prof. Dr. Andre Faaij: Director of Science of TNO Energy & Materials Transition and a Distinguished Professor of Energy System Analysis at the  University of Groningen and Utrecht. 

  • Topic: Accelerating the energy transition and industrial transformation; an essential response and opportunity.
  • Description: The focus will lay on how a timely transition is (still) possible and how this can be achieved in an optimal way. For that purpose, the latest state of play of climate change, global energy markets, and possibilities to transform our energy and industrial production systems will be assessed.

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