Lutjewad tour + wadlopen (mudflat hiking)

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Date and time
May 22, 2024 11:00 - 17:45

Lutjewad tour + wadlopen (mudflat hiking)

Hello lovely members, 

On wednesday 22th of May we are going to visit the measurement station from the CIO in Lutjewad and explore one of the world's most dynamic landscapes, the Wadden Sea area. This nature area is an UNSECO world Heritage site and during low tides you can walk over the seabed with a guide. During this experience we will walk trough tidal flats and sanbanks and see this unique ecosystem up close. Next to that we will get a tour at the measurement station 'Lutjewad' from Bert Kers (technician in CIO with a great passion for his job). 


Leave zernike by car      11:00

Arrive at Lutjewad          11:45

Lutjewad tour + lunch    11:45 - 14:00

Leave to wadlopen         14:00

Wadlopen                       14:45 - 17:15

Driving back to Zernike  17:15 - 17:45 

We will arrange the transport (but if you are able to arrange a car please let us know!)


Join us by signing up now! Spots will be limited

More info on the measurement station from CIO:

More info on wadlopen:    &

(If you have any questions, reach out to Bram)


*People that haven't been to Lutjewad before will have priority if we reach the limit of attendees.

** 'Wadlopen' has many levels, you can even walk to the island, but we will have an easy tour


Dress code

Casual leisurewear that can get wet and dirty. Consisting of:
- Layered upper clothing, such as a shirt, a sweater, and a wind and waterproof jacket;
- Shorts or tight leggings (no jeans due to chafing);
- High-closing tight shoes (high basketball shoes or high diving shoes) with socks.
- Rental mudflat hiking shoes are also available upon arrival. Depending on the amount of attendeed Atmos can cover these costs, but it is preferred you bring your own old shoes if you have them. 
Bring: snacks and drinks for the journey, a plastic (garbage) bag, a towel, clean clothes, and shoes (leave these in the car).



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