Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Who we are

The ministry of foreign affairs represents the Netherlands. Our purpose is to make a difference using diplomacy. Our governmental ministry works to create stability, economic growth and international agreements to better the Dutch position in the world.

What we do

Like most sectors, we are actively working on solutions for big international problems like climate change and inequality. Recently this translated into being part of the Dutch delegation to the climate top in Glasgow. We partake in building a sustainable world. To do so, we need experts in the field of energy and environmental sciences, to tackle challenges that go beyond the borders of this country. 

Opportunities we offer

Internship at the ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Due to the global restrictions caused by Covid-19, we were unable to offer as many internships as we would have wanted.

Until now! Since April we are able to offer more internships all over the world again. We offer internships on embassies and consuls, along with opportunities in the Hague. Check or click on our logo for the current offers and conditions.